Congratulations on being part of the research study, and thanks for helping us with this initiative! All of your resources and documents related to the research initiative will live here.

— Chelsea and the team at Eat Breathe Thrive

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News and Updates

A Quick (But Important!) Update | June 8, 2018
Hi everyone! We've decided to make a minor change to the research study protocol. Due to complications that arose in the data collection process, Program One participants will no longer be offered an opportunity to participate in Program Two. They are welcome to take another program after data collection finishes up, but in order to keep the data clean, all participants can only participate in ONE research program.

What does this mean for you? You no longer need to encourage participants from your first program to join for Program Two. If participants ask if they can sign up for your second program, please let them know that they are welcome to join another program after the research study is completed.

You should have received updated copies of your Research Flyer from Sam via email; and all other participant documents have been revised accordingly.

Thank you, as always, for your time and energy. Please do not hesitate to reach out if you have any questions.
Research Program Facilitator Invoice | April 10, 2018
You can now find an invoice template in the Resources section above. Please follow the instructions within this document to request payment of your stipend for facilitation of research programs. (Important Note: Facilitators should complete and submit one invoice each for research programs.

IRB Approval + Next Steps | February 13, 2018
I have great news! We received notification this morning that our IRB application has been approved. Thank you all for your hard work these past few weeks. I know it's been a pain, and I'm so grateful for the time you took out of your busy lives to help us move this ship forward!

Please read the two new documents (above) carefully. These explain your next steps for marketing and recruitment. The Quick Guide is a brief, easy-to-read overview of the recruitment process. The Facilitator Protocol is a more detailed overview that the IRB requires we send to you.

These documents and all resources related to the research initiative will live on this page.

I anticipate that you'll have questions about marketing and recruitment (e.g. How do I determine the cost of my programs, and when do participants get their rebates? When do they get the gift cards? When do participants need to register to ensure there's time for their consent call?)

To that end, we've decided to schedule three Q&A calls about marketing and recruitment. While these are not required, they are HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. Please register below: Esther, Sam, and I are here if you have questions. Very excited to finally move forward!!